Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy 2006!

Happy New Year everyone! May 2006 bring you health, wealth and happiness. Love, John, Ellen & Jemma Lawler

Draggin' Boats

On Christmas/Chanukah morning, Jemma climbed into Ollies fleece pad so Ollie promptly dragged her around the living room and gave Jemma her first rickshaw ride, doggie style.

Christmas Eve

We got home from San Fancisco in time to celebrate Christmas at Dave & Sopie's house with our friends Oscar and Nancy and Julie. It was a Christmas to remember as Rua, Oscar and Ellen all slammed into the sliding glass doors throughout the night, resulting in some pretty painful bruises - don't worry, Dave & Soph, we three won't file a class-action law suit against you, but for God's sake, put some decals on that glass!

Aunt Ce & Uncle Max

Grandpa Jack, the first grandparent Jemma met, passed away the morning of Jemma's birthday party. We were so, so sad by the news and drove up to San Francisco to make arrangements. We were comforted by Aunt Ce, Jack's sister and her husband Max, who instantly swooped Jemma up into their loving arms.

Party Entertainment

Frankie, Jemma's 8yr old buddy, is an amazing hip-hop dancer and wowed the crowd with her rad moves - full booty shakes and all. Matt Malloy also provided entertainment by playing the caveman and building the outdoor fire.

Party Faces

Party! Party! Party!

Jemma's first birthday party was a blast! Throughout the day, 60 or more folks managed to find parking and make their way to our place. We ate a hundred and twenty tamales, drank beer and Capri-Sun and schmoozed till the sun set and the stars lit our sky. We don't know if Jemma will actually remember this birthday but we will, as we were surrounded by so many loving friends and neighbors.