Monday, March 30, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Things She Says!

We've been trying to write down some of the things Jemma has been saying lately because they are so wonderful and unexpected. Here is a smattering:

Upon seeing a staircase made of Mexican tiles she said, "Those steps make a rhythm sound, like when you tap your toes!"

"I know you're disappointed mom, but you still love me. Even when you're mad you still love me."

In response to sleep being the most important thing for growing, Jemma without missing a beat said, "Well actually food is the most important thing for growing."

On talent:
Mom, you have a real talent.
I do? For what, for being your mom?
No, for just being you!

"Talent comes in a little ball from your arm and then it moves up into your shoulder and down into your tummy and then you have talent. You already have yours, mom, my talent is coming tomorrow.
I see, and what will you have a talent for?
Dancing! I will have a talent for dancing!"

"Do you know how to say hyacinth in Spanish? Cincinitta."

"I'm super contagious - I love you so much and that's contagious!"

After her Dad kissed her on the cheek:
"Ow', your beard! My beard is deep inside and it will never come out!"

Baking Buddies

Jemma loves to help mommy bake, especially sweet potato muffins - a regular staple in our house. She licks batter at all stages and usually ends up covered in it, at which point, the dogs lick it off of her!

Portrait of a Dad

Jemma has been taking a lot of photos lately - with her own camera and with ours. This photo she took of John is one of the best pictures anyone has taken of him ever! We thought it looked especially sharp in black and white.


Jemma and her best friend forever, Zoela, are really too friggin cute together. They love each other so much and it's such a delight to watch them play.

Cozy Cabin

We were quite the cozy crew in our cabin overlooking Arrowhead Lake. We joined Dave, Sophie, Frankie and their cute little doggie, Roxy. Jemma and Frankie had a blast even though they have a seven year age difference - hey, a tickling contest is good at any age! And the dogs were happier than heck - except of course, when we left them behind to go skiing... woof.

Ski Wee!

We had an exhilarating weekend in Lake Arrowhead with skiing in Big Bear. Jemma got on skis, went to Little Bear camp and learned how to make a pizza with her skiis to stop. We spied on her lesson and almost fainted watching her go down the slope by herself - but she did great! And on day two she rode "the flying chairs" as she like to call them, and skied down a few times without falling once. Then, Dad took Jemma and Frankie tubing - which turned out to be even more fun.

Florida Sunshine!

We went down to Florida for a few days to visit MeeMa and PopPop (sorry, no photos of them from this trip) and Jemma took this photo of us. The other picture is of Hemmingway's house in Key West. We took our very first trip away from Jemma and left her with the grandparents - everything worked out fine.

Tiny Bubbles

While our bathtub was out of commission one day, Jemma was thrilled bathe in the kitchen sink. Ah, regression, it never gets old...

Bag Lady!

Chinese New Year Slide Show

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2009 - Year of the OX!

Once again we celebrated the Chinese New Year with about 200 other families with children from China at our favorite restaurant in Chinatown, the Empress Pavilion. Each year Jemma and her friends become more enthralled with the entertainment, which includes juggling, spinning cups and saucers, dragon dancing and bubble wrap stomping. We were one of the last to leave this year as Jemma was dancing the night away.