Thursday, October 23, 2008

Betty Crackpot!

Jemma loves to bake with mom, and when mom is not baking, she loves to pretend...

Annual Reunion 2008

This year our travel group reunited in beautiful San Luis Obispo. It was the perfect spot as it is right in the middle for the Northern and Southern Californians. We took over the Embassy Suites (sweet!), went nuts at the free happy hour and free hot breakfast, indulged in a Chinese buffet dinner, went to an animal farm, hung out at the beach - whew! It was a memorable weekend for the girls, who referred to themselves as the "Chinese Sisters".

Gone to Oregon!

This summer we took a family trip up to Oregon (to see a state that actually gets some rain) and then drove back down to California to participate in the 3rd annual reunion of the families we traveled to China with. On the way down we stopped at an amusement park in Salem then in California, the Monterey Bay Acquarium, Big Sur and Hearst Castle.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Portrait of an Artist

Painting is a visceral act for Ms. Jemma - it involves the whole mind and body. This latest creation is proudly hanging in Ellen's office - she has not had any offers on it yet, but folks think it's a really good piece of art, which of course, it is!