Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Dog's Life

Our loyal, happy hounds. Their joy gives us paws...

Step Sisters

Our neighbor, Ferne, lives across the steps from us. Despite the gap in age, Ferne is a wonderful friend to Jemma, and they often meet on the steps and discuss the subtle changes in life, and throw the ball for Rua. This time, Jemma threw Ferne for a loop when she jumped over not one, not two but three steps!

Rail Against the Right!

We have a long set of steps outside of our house that spans from one street to another. These have given Jemma hours of fun since the day we brought her home. She thinks of them as her steps, even though they are public, but she is a gregarious greeter to those who are passing by, usually on their way to or from a hike in nearby Elysian Park. These photos reflect her latest accomplishment, mastering the railings - climbing, swinging, sliding and balancing on them, and then getting loved up by her daddy afterwards.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

MeeMa & PopPop Visit Again!

Jemma loves spending time with her MeeMa and PopPop. They spoil her with gifts and paint her nails and teach her how to play cards and give her gummy bears... It's really hard to only see them twice a year. Jemma's emotions have really blossomed and it's quite touching to witness - she genuinely exudes deep love for her grandparents and gives them big hugs and kisses. And they, of course, are crazy about her. How could you not be?