Monday, June 30, 2008

A Book!

If you've been following our blog we posted awhile ago that Mr. Ni, the Vice Mayor of Gaoyou, Jemma's birth place, and the former director of her orphanage, was collecting stories and pictures for a book he was writing. Well, Mr. Ni’s book on adoptive Gaoyou families has finally been published and you can view it from a website:

He made extensive use of pictures and posts from our blog in the appendix and elsewhere in the book. It is currently being translated into English. In the meantime, the pictures and chapters are loaded in the Acrobat bookmarks for easily location - thank you, Mr. Ni for documenting these stories for others to share!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz!

Jemma's spring dance recital was all about bugs - bees for the ballet portion and flies for the tap. We were so proud and impressed and could have watched these girls all day long. Jemma was joined by her best friend, Zoella, for the spring session, and the two were sweeter than honey as they buzzed around the stage with reckless abandon!

Old Friends, New Kids

Ellen's acting teacher from grad school, the renowned William Esper, came out to Los Angeles to do a book signing for his new book, "The Actor's Art and Craft" - Two beautiful girls from one of her classmates, Roberto, quickly clung on to Jemma, and introduced her to the wicked world of cotton candy. Also pictured is Bill Doyle, Ellen's dear friend - they all look like they did in grad school - save for a few wrinkles and some kids!