Friday, August 25, 2006

Nature Girl

Daddy took Jemma on a special hike - she loves being in nature, especially when there's water involved. They came home all wet but exceedingly happy.


Jemma can't play "Chopsticks" yet, let alone with eat with them, but she sure does love to bang away at the piano.

I am #1!

With our one-year anniversary approaching, we thought we'd ask the dogs how they've adjusted to the addition of Jemma, especially now that she's secured a spot as number one. Well, Ollie responded with a cool, "whatever" and Rua, in true Rua form said, "bring it on!"

What a Croc!

Jemma loves our crocs because the holes are so much fun to stick fingers through. Imagine our surprise when we found her scuffling around the house in Daddy's crocs - on the right feet no less! This was the one photo we were able to get of her as all the others were too blurry - she was just moving so fast!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Daddy's Little Girl

Jemma is ga ga over Da Da - that's her nickname for him, "Ga Ga!" There's no question she loves her Mama (or Mom or Mommy) but when Daddy enters or is even heard in the other room, she explodes with joy. Nothing gives Mama more pleasure than to see her two favorite people so happy.