Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bicycle! Bicycle!

Jemma has graduated to a two-wheeler with training wheels and she loves it! Her best trick - honking the horn while riding in traffic - another typical driver in Los Angeles. And don't tell her she shouldn't ride in a dress with flip flops either or she'll do more than just honk the horn!

The Spring Dance Recital

Each of us is a flower - did you know that? Here's Jemma at her Spring Recital to sing and dance it for you!

The Warm Up

Here are the girls doing a warm up before the Spring Dance Recital. Alongside Jemma are her two buddies, Zoela and Maddie - the chatterboxes!


Couldn't resist sharing a silly morning ritual at the Lawler home... Notice Jemma is already in her bathing suit - she likes to wear them any time of year, whether she is going swimming or not!