Sunday, October 28, 2007

Not a Carousel in the World...

Jemma's new obsession is the carousel in Griffith Park. She's been watching the DVD of "Free to be You and Me" (remember that?!) and it opens with a carousel. Also, Jemma finally got her first, professional haircut. Mommy and Jemma went to a fancy salon in Beverly Hills and Lily (who does Brad Pitt and other celebs) gave Jemma the royal treatment. The whole salon went nuts over Jemma - she was their biggest celebrity yet!

Cutie, Dad & Ollie

Look at these snuggle bunnies! Jemma has become so affectionate with Ollie lately and loves to share Daddy's lap with him. It's taken Ollie a long time but he's finally coming around to really loving Jemma. Awwwww...


Jemma loves playing the guitar and hanging out with with the hippies. Actually, she really likes to hang with Sophie, her mom, Freda, and Roxie the little chihuahua. Someone's singing my Lord, kumbaya...

Hang time!

Dancing Queen

Jemma began taking ballet and tap five weeks ago and she is loving it! We like that she is learning some French and that we can use the positions in our daily activities - releve out the door, or gran-plie to pick up your crayons! The recital will be on December 2 in the Mount Washington Elementary School, if anyone in the area wants to see cuteness abound. These photos are pretty terrible but hopefully they capture the concentration and adorableness of these girls. Jemma seems like a natural at dance with her long legs and her toe-tappin' feetsies.