Friday, January 09, 2009

Cambria, Cambria!

We ventured up the coast to join our friends, Adam and Tina and their daughter, Anna, for a little beach getaway. It was a great time, lots of post-holiday eating and hanging, plus some Elephant Seal watching. These amazing mammels migrate for from December to March in the same part of Cambria each year. They come to mate, breed, molt and fight. We saw it all - except the breeding and molting parts. But we witnessed the baby seals feed and play and we saw the mating dance, but mostly, we were enthralled with the fighting. The males have the big elephant nose and they are extremely aggressive and territorial. They are fiercely cruel to one another, chomping away at each other's necks until the loser slithers away... to the death! And then we went back to the house and ate again...

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Onion Cookies!

Jemma is an avid baker - watch out, Ace of Cakes - and this time, she interpreted her great grandma's savory recipe while we were visiting MeeMa and PopPop down in Florida...