Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Grecian Formula

Here we are celebrating John's __th birthday at one of our favorite Greek restaurants, Estatorio Milos. Yum!

Wet and Wild!

The rain was not a deterrent for our little water bug. She walked ten blocks with it drizzling on her face trying to catch as many drops in her mouth as she could.

Flutter byes!

Our dear friends, Floyd, Nancy (aka "Ponce"), Aiden and Cassidy came down from the rural part of Connecticutt to spend the better part of a rainy day with us in New York. We went to the Museum of Natural History, or as Aiden liked to call it, the Museum of National Treasury! We enjoyed the dino bones of course, and the Butterfly collection was a special treat. It was hard to get Jemma out of the butterfly room even though it was super warm and overly moist!


Here is Chispa - or, Cheesepuff if you prefer, and Jemma does prefer. Chispa is the adorable little pup who rules the Leyva apartment - our home away from home when we visit NYC. Sadly, this trip we did not take any photos of the Leyva's, only the pooch who stole Jemma's heart (and socks!)

Girl Time

At Oak Glen Nursery school, there's nothing like a good book with your gal pals.